Enterprise Grade Internet Access

Plans & Pricing

Don't be tied down, all pricing below is Month-to-Month. Risk free so you can cancel at any time


  • 50Mbps Symmetrical
  • $180/month
  • Unlimited Data!


  • 100Mbps Symmetrical
  • $350/month
  • Unlimited Data!


  • 250Mbps Symmetrical
  • $670/month
  • Unlimited Data!


  • 1Gbps Symmetrical
  • $---/month
  • Unlimited Data!

A Dedicated Circuit

Just for You!

When your Internet is part of a shared terrestrial circuit, you’re doing just that, sharing. You’re sharing speeds and bandwidth, and thus, what your neighbor does may affect the quality of your connection. Because it’s yours, and only yours, you are guaranteed to receive the speeds you sign up for.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Yes, we said it – UNLIMITED!

No data caps, no overage charges, no annoying fees or hidden restrictions. Use as much as you want, we won’t stop you! The world at your fingertips – internet the way it should be!

  • Let's Compare!

    Select your plan

    When selecting a plan, keep in mind of all possible devices in your household that would be online and used at the same time and match it to the chart below.

    • Symmetrical Speeds
    • Installation Fee
    • Dedicated Circuit
    • Unlimited Data
  • Lite

    • 50Mbps
    • $250
  • Basic

    • 100Mbps
    • $250
  • Advanced

    • 250Mbps
    • $250
  • Turbo

    • 1Gbps
    • $500