About Lake Linx Inc.

Founded November 2018

We are a Wireless Internet & VoIP Service Provider for Residents, Businesses, & Tourist of the Kern River Valley.

We are
Lake Linx Inc.

Lake Linx began with three residents of the KRV sharing their frustrations of their current internet providers and found the alternatives wern't any better for the price and speeds. Seeking a viable solution after months of research and discussions with local businesses, Lake Linx was formed!

Our goal is to provide affordable and reliable high-speed internet to the Kern River Valley businesses, residents and tourist.

What we do

We offer an affordable alternative to internet and telephone service to Residents, Businesses, & Tourist of the Kern River Valley. Using unlicensed frequencies as allowed by the FCC, we are able to connect customers and keep everyones costs down.

Who we are

We are residents of the Kern River Valley. We are you. We understand the frustrations of watching Netflix, playing online games or attending online college courses and being disconnected right in the middle. We are here to help.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of techs, engineers and designers who love what we do.


Chief Operating Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Customer Service Reps

Customer Service Assistant & Dispatch Coordinator

Internet Field Technician

Internet Field Technician

Technical Support Engineer